1. Sammy Moore Likely To Miss At Least A Week

    AFC Wimbledon have confirmed that Sammy Moore suffered a pulled quad muscle late in their home draw against Bristol Rovers.

    The midfielder did not train Monday morning and is currently being evaluated by the club’s medical staff. Wimbledon have so far declined to offer a timetable for his return, although a source familiar with these sort of injuries have told Nerdfighter FC that even mild strains require at least 7-10 days of recovery. 

    Dons manager John Green told reporters that everyone’s monitoring the situation closely and will be doing everything they can to ensure a comprehensive and speedy recovery.

    "Obviously this is a difficult situation for Sammy and for the club. He’s one of our true stars, the anchor for our midfield, and an indelible presence in the dressing room. Our focus right now is on his health. We’re going to be taking this one day at a time."

    The player himself could not be reached for comment.

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