1. AFC Wimbly Womblys #123 (Transfer Deadline Day)


    Transfer Deadline Day, one of the most exciting days of the footballing calendar. Mega last minute deals finalised, that can change the course of a season. Unfortunately for Wimbledon fans, their deadline day was less than spectacular, signing 3 players. Martin Demichelis was the only half decent signing, while the other two were woeful.

    Alexander Jaggietto: 

    Although the Polish left winger will grow into an alright player, right now he is definitely not good enough to play in the Championship, let alone the BPL. This transfer also had another downside. As well as the waste of money, C.Arthur was part of the deal to bring him to Wibbly Lanne, meaning the issue of squad depth is not resolved at all.

    Wimbledon would have been better off with other target Billy Knott. He could have grown into a good back up for the left wing, and could have filled in at left back from time to time. Also, he was the better player, as he would have grown from his starting overall of 62, and would now be around the 65-67 mark. Wimbledon missed out hugely on him, all because of an extra 5000 extra dollars a weak, which was definitely worth paying.


    After overpaying for a centre back that is going to retire soon, and isn’t good enough to play in the Championship, Wimbledon made possibly the worst signing of the day. The 62 rated centre back is getting old, and getting worse as times go on. I’ll be surprised if he ends the season on a rating above 60. In any case, he will be overshadowed by the other Wimbledon centre backs, especially the other defensive signing John made.

    Martín Demichelis:

    Easily the best signing of the window for the Wimbly Womblys. Will be a rock in defence, despite having the same age problem that Gurpegi. This is because he is currently a 71 overall. And although that will decrease as the season goes on, it will be long enough to let John get a good centre back after,(hopefully), promotion to the Premier League.

    So an uninspiring transfer window for Wimbledon. Hopefully the new signings will help then clinch promotion, so that better signings can be made at the start of next season.

    Any feedback is appreciated and DFTBA.

    I basically agree with this. I’m disappointed that John went with Jaggietto over Billy Knott. I’ve had him on my FIFA teams in the past and he develops pretty well. At the very least he would’ve grown into a dependable squad player.

    What’s troubling for me is that John tended to go with experience over age. I feel like the Wimbly Womblys have enough veterans in the squad. What we needed were young and hungry players with something to prove. Also troubling is that John signed players that he acknowledged would only be around for a season. If that’s the strategy he would’ve been better off signing young players from Premier League squads on loan. It would cost about as much in terms of wages, the players would be young and improve as the season goes on (rather than decline, like our new signings will), and he could’ve used the money he would’ve saved on transfer fees to hire better scouts to bring in better academy talent.

    Demichelis is a superb pickup, even at his age and rate of decline, but going forward the transfer window strategy should be looked at. Even if we get into the Premier League we’re still going to be working with a limited budget, and the club will need to be very shrewd in their signings. 

  2. MATCH REPORT: AFC Wimbledon - Milton Keynes Dons (FA Cup)

    Wibbly Lane, Third Round

    Referee: Ian Lowcroft

    AFC Wimbledon Starting XI: Brown; White, Leonardo Moura, Röcker, Kennedy; Francomb (Bamba 85’), Gauld (Pell 56’), Mose Vestergaard, Sainte-Luce; Dicko [c], Deeney (Green (Other) 56’)

    AFC Wimbledon Substitutes: Green (Bald), Fundingsrud, Green (Other), Kazviropoulos, Buxton, Bamba, Pell

    Milton Keynes Dons Starting XI: Martin; Hodson, Kay [c], Flanagan, Lewington; Williams, Baldock (Potter 73’); Powell (Bowditch 85’), Reeves, Gleeson; Choi Jin Ho (Bamford 73’)

    Milton Keynes Dons Substitutes: Otsemobor, Potter, Bamford, McLoughlin, McLeod, Bowditch, Charles-Cook

    In previous match-ups against the Franchise, we debated whether or not to give them the ‘Dons’ moniker. After all, it’s not an appropriate name for them to lay claim to. For journalistic reasons, we will only be referring to them by that name in the header and the scoreline, as that is the name they are officially registered as by the FA and the Football League.

    Now that that’s out of the way: For all the reticence of the club (and the fans) to play Milton Keynes again, we do have a fixture obligation to fulfill. We want to win, of course, but a loss at this point doesn’t really affect us. The one thing we were certain of was that nobody wanted this to go to a replay.

    Which of course is exactly what will happen now, as the Dons continued their run of middling form by failing to find the back of the net while the Imposters were once again wholly uninterested in anything that resembled football. So, in roughly 10 days time, we have to make the trek into Darkest Buckinghamshire in order to deal with this all over again on hostile ground. Do try to contain your excitement.

    AFC Wimbledon 0-0 Milton Keynes Dons

    Scoreline: n/a

    Discipline: n/a


  4. MATCH REPORT: AFC Wimbledon - Birmingham City (Sky Bet Championship)

    Wibbly Lane, Matchday 27

    Referee: Ashley Boroughbridge

    AFC Wimbledon Starting XI: Brown; Fuller, Leonardo Moura, Röcker, Kennedy; Francomb (Sainte-Luce 75’),Gauld, Pell (Kazviropoulos 75’), Bamba; Green (Bald) (Dicko 75’), Green (Other)

    AFC Wimbledon Substitutes: Dicko, Fundingsrud, Deeney, Kazviropoulos, Buxton, Sainte-Luce, Moore

    Birmingham City Starting XI: Randolph; Eardley, Gilchrist, Martin, Packwood, Hancox; Gnahoré, Reilly (Ambrose 58’), Shinnie; Asante, Novak (M. Green 61’)

    Birmingham City Substitutes: Mousinho, M. Green, Doyle, Ambrose, Žigić, Murphy, Higgins

    An early goal from Other John Green was rendered ineffective against a Birmingham team that was set up to park the bus and hope for a draw but got the win anyway. While it can be said that the Dons could’ve played better any time they’ve dropped points this season, this loss- at home against a middling team that wasn’t especially interested in playing football- was simply unacceptable. These are not games you lose. And yet.

    Wimbledon is still in sixth place but is falling further behind the rest of the pack with competitors nipping at the heels. And they now must take a winless streak into the FA Cup tie against the Franchise. Needless to say, things could be better.

    AFC Wimbledon 1-2 Birmingham City

    Scoreline: Green (WIM) 14’, Asante (BIR) 60’, Ambrose (BIR) 75’

    Discipline: n/a

  5. MATCH REPORT: AFC Wimbledon - Sheffield United (Sky Bet Championship)

    Wibbly Lane, Matchday 26

    Referee: Ian Lowcroft

    AFC Wimbledon Starting XI: Amankwaa; White, Röcker, Ozéia, C. Kennedy; Francomb, Moore (Gauld 88’), Pell, Sainte-Luce; Dicko [c] (Green (Bald) 88’), Deeney (Green (Other) 88’)

    AFC Wimbledon Substitutes: Green (Bald), Fundingsrud, Green (Other), Kazviropoulos, Buxton, Bamba, Gauld

    Sheffield United Starting XI: Long; Westlake, McMahon, McGinty, Hill; Baxter, Johns (Taylor 84’); Brandy (McFadzean 52’), Murphy, McGinn [c]; Lee Jong Ho (Miller 52’)

    Sheffield United Substitutes: Collins, McFadzean, Taylor, Howard, Miller, T. Kennedy, De Girolamo

    This match summed up Wimbledon’s season so far- hard to beat, but struggling to win games. A headed goal from Benedikt Röcker late in the first half and some reasonably solid defending looked to be enough to give the Dons all three points. But, once again, the back line lost focused and switched off just long enough to give the Blades an opening. which Matt Hill took full advantage of less than two minutes from time.

    With the January transfer window in full swing, the Dons’ grasp on a playoff spot is looking increasingly tenuous. It’s unknown whether the club will be able to bring in sufficient reinforcements to nail down a claim on promotion come May. Meanwhile, serious questions remain on whether the team as currently set up has enough to get over the line.

    AFC Wimbledon 1-1 Sheffield United

    Scoreline: Röcker (WIM) 39’, Hill (SHU) 88’

    Discipline: n/a

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